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about us

We don't just create media; we forge cinematic experiences that defy the ordinary and captivate the soul.

Our story is one of unapologetic innovation, relentless creativity, and an unwavering devotion to breathing life into narratives.

To delight our customers with exceptional media and support, and to positively impact their businesses as a byproduct.

Our Mission

To diligently and attentively provide the best possible media and only consider a project accomplished when our mission is achieved.

Our Values

Meet The Team

Gui Drummond


As an individual, I am strongly driven by integrity and a deep sense of purpose, which constantly evolves towards a greater calling and life mission. As a professional, I firmly believe that the amount of investment my stakeholders and I put into a vision directly affects our returns. Since 2020, I have been heavily devoted in helping our company, Lumiful Media, support our partners to strive in their marketing endeavors.

Stephanie Cheong


My dedication lies in nurturing the growth of Lumiful Media. I pour my heart and soul into every endeavor, pushing the boundaries and crafting a path towards expansion. With unwavering commitment, I'm passionate about taking Lumiful to new heights.


We implement strict safety measures on set and maintain robust digital security to protect client data and assets. This commitment to safety and security builds trust with clients and ensures a secure working environment.

Safety & Security


From budgeting and planning to execution and post-production, we provide clear insights into our processes and progress.



We embrace emerging technologies, trends, and creative approaches to stay ahead in a dynamic industry. As we grow, we remain dedicated to evolving our services, expanding our skillset, and exploring new horizons in video production.

Growth & Innovation 


Producers, directors, camera operators, and editors collaborate closely to turn concepts into captivating videos. Their creativity and technical expertise combine to deliver high-quality content.

Team Work


We actively engage with our local and industry communities. This includes supporting local events, and collaborating with local businesses. We believe in using our expertise and resources to make a positive impact on our community, fostering connections, and contributing to its growth and enrichment.

Community Outreach


We take pride in the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every frame and edit. From capturing the perfect shot to enhancing audio, our team's skilled craftsmanship elevates each project to an art form. We believe that the quality of our work reflects our commitment to the craft, and it's this dedication to excellence that sets us apart.



let's work together 

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