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Our story is one of unapologetic innovation, relentless creativity, and devotion to breathing life into narratives

"To delight our customers with exceptional media and support, and to positively impact their businesses as a byproduct."

Our Mission

"We embody a commitment to elevate our standards and exceed expectations; We make constant improvement;  We are committed to our work in heart and mind; We deeply value the trust placed in us and strive to honor it every day; We keep it simple."


Meet The Team

Gui Drummond

Co-Founder - Chief Growth Officer 

As an individual, I am strongly driven by integrity and a deep sense of purpose. Witnessing the impactful work we've produced and the transformative effect it has had on individuals collaborating with us is truly gratifying. Lumiful Media isn't just a production company; it's a canvas where creativity thrives, and stories come to life. It's a privilege to lead a team that consistently delivers outstanding work, and I'm excited to continue shaping narratives that resonate and inspire.

We implement strict safety measures on set and maintain robust digital security to protect client data and assets. This commitment to safety and security builds trust with clients and ensures a secure working environment.

Safety & Security


From budgeting and planning to execution and post-production, we offer transparent insights into our processes and progress. Mutual transparency is a fundamental value for us, and we wholeheartedly embrace this principle in every business endeavor we undertake.



We embrace emerging technologies, trends, and creative approaches to stay ahead in a dynamic industry. As we grow, we remain dedicated to evolving our services, expanding our skillset, and exploring new horizons in video production.

Growth & Innovation 


Producers, directors, camera operators, and editors collaborate closely to turn concepts into captivating videos. Their creativity and technical expertise combine to deliver high-quality content. At Lumiful, every individual is more than just a colleague – we regard each other as family.

Team Work


We actively engage with our local and industry communities. This includes supporting local events, and collaborating with local businesses. We believe in using our expertise and resources to make a positive impact on our community, fostering connections, and contributing to its growth and enrichment.

Community Outreach


We take pride in the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every frame and edit. From capturing the perfect shot to enhancing audio, our team's skilled craftsmanship elevates each project to an art form. We believe that the quality of our work reflects our commitment to the craft, and it's this dedication to excellence that sets us apart.





Director of Photography

Lumiful's commitment to excellence is evident not just in our creative endeavors but also in the unwavering support provided. I appreciate the significant investment made in providing top-notch tools and technology, enabling me to push the boundaries of cinematography. It's a collaborative journey where every frame tells a story, and I'm grateful to be part of a team that values and invests in the art of visual storytelling.

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Co-Founder - Operations Lead

My dedication lies in nurturing the growth of Lumiful Media. I pour my heart and soul into every endeavor, pushing the boundaries and crafting a path towards expansion. With unwavering commitment, I'm passionate about taking Lumiful to new heights. The work we do is more than just crafting visuals; it's about touching lives, evoking emotions, and leaving a lasting imprint on our audience. Lumiful Media isn't just a company; it's a vessel for meaningful narratives.




Post-Production Specialist

I find immense joy in weaving raw media into compelling, polished videos. Being part of Lumiful Media's dynamic team, I not only shape visual stories but also witness the exciting growth of our company. Every frame tells a tale, and contributing to Lumiful's narrative is both my passion and privilege. Together, we're crafting a visual journey, and I'm thrilled to see where our creative endeavors will take us.



Creative Writer

I am fortunate to breathe life into our projects through the art of storytelling. Collaborating with a team that values storytelling as much as I do makes each day an exciting journey. What I like the most about working with this team is that everyone's views are heard, valued, and taken into account while making decisions. I'm grateful to be part of a team that understands and appreciates the power of a well-told story.



Administrative Assistant

I take pride in being the backbone of our vibrant and dynamic team. Beyond handling administrative tasks, I relish being immersed in the unique culture that defines Lumiful Media. Every day is an exciting journey, working alongside passionate and talented team members who make our office feel like a second home. The collaborative spirit, creativity, and camaraderie foster an environment where every task feels like a shared accomplishment. 

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